It is our passion to help commercial house painters experience the riches of what Cuba painters can offer as they think about painting hotels. It is our rich heritage of vibrant colors and techniques that gives us an advantage in training other house painters in the art   of painting hotel rooms in Cuba. We look forward to growing you in your experience as we train you in the art of painting hotels.

Check out some of the work we have done in Cuba:



We specialize in both interior painting and exterior painting. When we choose hotels to paint, we focus on bringing a vibrant life to their establishment. We believe in bright and beautiful colors. We believe this draws the attention of the customers and creates a great atmosphere for the client to enjoy.

Vibrant Paint Colors– We believe in order to create a great atmosphere for a hotel room, then you need vibrant colors. We take into consideration the culture along with the possibilities of asking hotel owners to think outside of the box. These vibrant colors create certain moods that help the clients. For instance, a bright red helps to create energy. This article shows the balance one can have with red walls. Here is an example of a bright red color for a hotel.


Painting Accessories– We believe in lots of contrasts within the painted hotel rooms. Accessories are huge so that they provide an appropriate contrast to the brightness of colors. White trim really makes the red wall pop. It is extremely important to get the color contrast right or it will feel more like a headache.

We have been working with several companies in making them better with regards to painting outside the box. Most painters find themselves fitting into the normal mode of painting recommending dull colors for hotels. We, however, encourage our painting companies to be colorful and vibrant. Check out this Facebook feed of a company promoting their hotels with vibrant colors. This company also provides a realistic understanding of color on their About Us site.

As you can see, our goal is to help other painting companies think through how they can create their own brand through painting hotels. We believe that our approach of vibrant colors and painting accessories will help your company as you think through how to approach your next hotel client. You can contact us through Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Houzz account.